How much can you hack a Brick to make it aerodynamically sleek before it ceases to be a rolling refrigerator box and becomes a 1999 Honda Insight, or a masked Luchadore? That’s an inquiry some posters at Ecomodder were exploring back in 2008.

While the “Kammback” wagon above, with 5 feet of extra car, existed only in the owners imagination, the spoiler on the right is the real deal. From hypermiler “brucepick”:

You can see the taped joint at upper right were top piece meets side.
Had to be untaped and retaped every time I opened the tailgate. Plus
duct tape residue all over the place. As with other mods, no
confirmation that it actually helped. But if using a good clean design I
think it has to help.

I can only imagine what it’d be like with the kammback. You might as well forget about opening the trunk. Perhaps it’d be a hack similar to the “Aerorabbit” pictured below.

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