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My Black Brick

Keeping a '92 Volvo 240 Wagon on the Road & Other Automotive & DIY Musings

Black Brick on Blocks

I’m in the middle of launching a new blog about drawing and won’t be posting much on this site right now. My car is running great and luckily the only issues I have is with the pigeons in the neighborhood sitting on telephone wires above my car. I’m planning an interactive toy based on my car called “The Black Brick Experience” and hope to launch in the fall.

I post t-shirts as “Stripped Nuts” on Zazzle. I’m always drawing and post my images, like the truck above, on Flickr and I recently updated my portfolio at


Ghost Brick

This Ghost Volvo 240 was posted on “Scratch Made Cars” back in 2004 as a work in progress. Johannes Saar has more complete auto renders on his own site, including a sweet Dodge Challenger.


Exploded Brick

volvo 240 engine b230f sweden swedish european black exploded
I’m working on an interactive version of the 240 engine compartment and have been combining photos to warp the perspective. I want to show the front of the car while also looking into the engine compartment from above. I collaged this together and am now looking to work on a model in Sketchup with the ultimate goal of animating this in Flash. I’m sure I’ll be able to find models for the chassis but don’t know availability of a b230f render in 3D. I’ll have to check the googles.


Lego Brick Brick

Is this a kit that’s available?


Wagonized’s Wicked Watercolors

This Flickr stream by “Wagonized” features some great ink and watercolor drawings of older cars, including a bunch of 240s and Amazons.


Watch out for that Moose

Amazing shot of a moose diving for cover from a loose XC.

Via Jalopnik


IPD Newsletter features My Black Brick

I was contacted late last year to do a “Volvo Story” feature for the IPD newsletter “The Brick”. I happily obliged and am excited to see it online today.

The photo used on the site was taken at a chicken farm in NY state, before I installed sport springs. I may go back this month so I should take another shot to compare.


Buy Paving Stones

I just added Google Ad Sense to the site and am amused that it’s pulling up a bunch of ads for paving stones because of the word “brick”.


An Aerodynamic Brick?

How much can you hack a Brick to make it aerodynamically sleek before it ceases to be a rolling refrigerator box and becomes a 1999 Honda Insight, or a masked Luchadore? That’s an inquiry some posters at Ecomodder were exploring back in 2008.

While the “Kammback” wagon above, with 5 feet of extra car, existed only in the owners imagination, the spoiler on the right is the real deal. From hypermiler “brucepick”:

You can see the taped joint at upper right were top piece meets side.
Had to be untaped and retaped every time I opened the tailgate. Plus
duct tape residue all over the place. As with other mods, no
confirmation that it actually helped. But if using a good clean design I
think it has to help.

I can only imagine what it’d be like with the kammback. You might as well forget about opening the trunk. Perhaps it’d be a hack similar to the “Aerorabbit” pictured below.



These were drawings done while I was bored with something else. I was probably daydreaming about some exhaust repairs.

I have a few sets of drawings on flickr, but not many of the brick. Much more interested in nudes!