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Watercolor Brick

Here’s a cool drawing of the back end of a Volvo 240 wagon by Florian Afflerbach. I’ve posted drawings by Florian before and you can see many more of his car and architectural drawings on his Flickr site.

Did I mention I post many of my own drawings on Flickr? Well, I do.


Honda Commercial Explores Tiny Engineering

As a die cast car collector of many years as well as an occasional stop motion animator, I found this ad for Honda in the UK to be a total delight. Flipping and folding, twisting and revving, an engineer pulls together a wide variety of Honda products. Motorcycles morph into mini vans and robots become jets. Impressive.


Ghost Dad

I saw this sticker family on the back window of a Mitsubishi Eclipse and thought it was a weird indication of an absentee dad. Don’t know if it’s intended or not, but it’s spooky and sad.


Everyday Courage: Oil Change

This Trip and Tyler video is about the inevitable list of crap mechanics find wrong with your car when you bring it in for a simple oil change. Just say… no?


Glass Bottom Car

In the 1951 Tex Avery animation “Car of Tomorrow” we learn of the “Glass Bottom Car” that allows drivers to see below them. This way they can look down and see if the pedestrian they ran over was a friend of theirs. 50’s era racism and sexism abound in this uncensored cartoon:

In 1955’s “Four Wheels, No Brakes” we get a satirical glimpse of car dealers as Pete Hothead finally decides to get a new car:

via Cartoon Brew


Imagining Cars of the Year 2000

A world overrun with automobiles is the dystopian nightmare of the cartoon “Automania 2000” from 1963. So many cars have grid-locked that people have just been living in them for the past 5 years. The cartoon is an anti-consumerist critique of 1950s excess.

via Cartoon Brew

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Boots Across America

I walked out of my studio yesterday to find 3 cars booted in a row. Welcome to Hoboken, out-of-towner! Thought it’d make a decent motivational poster. Click to enlarge.


Bowtie Speedos

Designer Christian Annyas has a cool collection of Chevrolet speedometer designs spanning 1943-2011. Above is the 1970 Chevy Nova. Most are analogue, or analogue looking. I can’t stand digital readouts and digital clocks.


Watercolor washed wagon

Nice drawings of cars by Flaf, German architect Florian Afflerbach.

See more in his flickr set.


The Ford Granada Wagon is Just Like Shuttle Columbia

In this 1982 ad from Ford, astronaut Wally Shirra presents us with a “vehicle dedicated to the use of space”. We then see the shuttle Columbia landing, followed by a shot of the 1982 Ford Granada.

“Look Out World! Here comes Ford!”

I can’t tell if the metaphor is for NASA ships or nasty sex:

Built to carry a full crew in comfort
while moving big payloads
propelled by the thrust
of Ford’s new v6 engine option
designed to be used
over and over again.

So Ford biggest selling point is that the car will start? More than once? SOLD!

Long live NASA Space Shuttle.