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Ilse DeLange “Next to Me”

I had no idea there was country music in the Netherlands. Or that they cruise around in Volvo 245s instead of Ford F150s.


Pregnant pause

When my wife went into labor with our first daughter we didn’t have a car. We got a taxi to pick us up at 6AM in Hoboken for the short trip through the Holland Tunnel to a hospital in NYC. The contractions were painful enough that her shouts concerned the cab driver, and I felt like we were in the middle of a TV trope.

Good to know that if it ever happens again, we can just fly our brick over the Hudson river, like this couple in “Håkan Bråkan & Josef“.


Taxi Driver


I watched Taxi Driver a couple nights ago and was surprised to see this yellow 144. First it was parked in midtown at the campaign HQ of Senator Palantine, then it appeared later at Sport’s place, with 12 yo Iris ( Jodie Foster) leaning against the front fender. Maybe it’s owned by Tom, taking a quick break from the campaign?

BONUS: Is that an Amazon I spy in the background?


Ich Will? Not So Much.

Here’s some Rammstein for your weekend.

This weird video has 11 ladies laying their hair on a 245. Don’t know what the video is for. A shampoo photo shoot? Whatever, I find it creepy and sexist.


Grynch’s Volvo Video

Tank on empty, yo!


Patricia Archette’s 245 in “Medium”


I haven’t seen the show myself, but it looks like the main character in the TV show “Medium” drives a nice gold brick.


As with most movie cars, the headrests are removed for good shots of the actors.


At some point the car explodes? Or is abducted by aliens?


Uma Thurman’s Brick in “Motherhood”


Apparently the movie “Motherhood” opened last October in theaters in the US, but it’s making the news now because it only made about $115 on its opening weekend in the UK a few weeks ago. That includes the sale of ONE ticket on the Sunday of its premier.

From the trailer it looks like we have yet another case of a typecast blue beater brick. Uma Thurman is a mommy blogger (as is my wife) who lives in an inexpensive apartment in an expensive urban neighborhood (like my family) and the movie chronicles a day in her life where she prepares for her daughter’s 6th birthday (like my daughter had on Thursday), deals with her hapless husband (played by my doppelganger Anthony Edwards), and struggles to find a space to park her brick (which I do on a regular basis).

According to the website there’s a “battle for a parking space during an epic alternate side parking showdown.” Don’t know if it’s with that hot rod Camaro in the frame grab above.

I found a couple weird photos of the car taken by the dog trainer. The first one shows Uma’s puppy sitting in the passenger seat while the other has the film crew gathered around the car preparing to shoot a scene.

It sounds like the blue beater gets good screen time as the trailer shows it in the background in a bunch of shots. I’m guessing it’s another symbolic stand in for the main character; a tough, grizzled veteran with a heart of gold. Considering the movies reception in London, however, I don’t think I’ll bother renting it to find out.


Kylie Minougue “Come Into My World”

kylie-140-animatedI dusted off my old Michel Gondry Director Series DVD and was excited to see a couple of bricks in the video for Kylie Minougue “Come Into My World“. The blue brick is a 140, but there’s also a white 200 series parked on one of the side streets. The video isn’t embeddable, so you’ll have to view it on YouTube.

The video is shot as if it’s one camera take, panning 360 degrees as Kyle walks around an intersection. Her route loops when she gets to the chorus, and she repeatedly spawns a clone who follows the same walk from the beginning. It’s some amazing choreography and loops 5 times.


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

As part of MoMA’s Tim Burton show they are screening his films. Today was “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” and I went with my daughters and a friend. During the final chase scene this blue brick pops up in a shot. See it at 5:45 in the video below. Keep playing the video for some Twisted Sister mayhem.


Blown Up Brick

scrubs-volvo-240On the TV show Scrubs, Zack Braff’s character J.D.  owned a brick that blew up in the first episode of the fourth season.

70gtoblI had a friend whose 1970 Pontiac GTO blew up in front of his apartment. We were hanging out in his place when one of his neighbors stopped by and said “Dude, your cars on fire.” We ran out the door and saw the goat spitting flames from both edges of the hood. My buddy  had worked on his carburetor earlier in the day and there must have been a leak somewhere in the fuel line.

When the fire department got there they immediately tried to puncture the radiator, because the heat from the fire could cause it to explode. They swung an axe into the nose of the car over and over again until radiator fluid gushed to the ground. They sprayed the car w/ foam and let it smolder. All we could do was sit on the curb and watch the tires pop from the heat. The car was totaled.