Volvo For Life | My Black Brick - Part 2

My Black Brick

Keeping a '92 Volvo 240 Wagon on the Road & Other Automotive & DIY Musings

Ye Olde Volvo Crash Tests

This ad has been posted and pulled from YouTube before, so we’ll see how long it lasts. 45 seconds of crash-porn, showing old bricks being thrown, crushed and rolled to test for safety. The twist is that this is supposed to show how BAD those cars were, because drivers needed to push the brake pedal themselves. With “City Safety” your car will stop for you. Meh.


Great Jumping Bricks

Tons of Volvo hoonage on YouTube. I think this is what young dudes in Sweden do for fun. Most are 240s, but I threw in a couple 740s. All of them drive away.

1hoon 2hoon 3hoon 4thm_hoon5.jpg


Don’t Buy Chinese Trucks

Chinese TruckIt’s hard to tell from the video if this truck is hitting a wall, or a pillow; the front end is so crushed it just disappears. I think the manufacturer only cared to save the CARGO, not the occupants.


The Best Car to Die In?

deathThe Jalopnik blog rated the Volvo 240 as the 5th best car to die in because it’d be so damn hard to.

…if you manage to die in one of these — the automotive answer to “Why don’t they just make the whole airplane the same way they make the black box?” — you’re really trying. We believe effort should count for something in today’s shoddy, lackadaisical world.

Sweet black brick they have for an image.