Honda is developing the Accord “Crosstour” pictured above, and decided to post some teaser images onto Facebook. Mistake. The page got mobbed by station wagon lovers, and others who are tired of rounded-rear “Cross” badged vehicles. Comments were scathing, and many posted images of what they wished it had been, like the 80’s wagon above, or what they thought it was trying to be, like the Pontiac Aztek.  It was enough to make Honda defend itself for not offering a real wagon:

It’s not the European wagon: We’ve seen a lot of comments about the desire for a wagon, but this is neither a wagon nor designed for wagon buyers. We think the Euro wagon is a cool vehicle, too, and we appreciate the feedback… but a version of that wasn’t our intention here. That’s another segment worthy of our consideration, but the Accord Crosstour, built on the larger, Accord platform, is meant to give you the best of two worlds – the versatility of an SUV with the sportiness of a car.

With a sloped rear like that, you’ll have a hard time calling it versatile. Can I fit all my families bikes in there without folding down the rear seat?

After the jump, a collection of choice words from FB users.

CROSSTOUR: For the Malformed, Cross-Eyed, and Stay-at-Home Mom!

Complete letdown. I have have been a Honda driver for the past 20 years. My wife need a wagon and have been waiting on the Crosstour. Needless to say that the hatchback design has forced us to look at the competition for our needs.

The Honda Aztek. This thing looks biblicaly awful.

When did they start building AMC Eagles again?

over hangs are wayyyyyyy to long … whats the point of slopped hatchbacks? i mean you can’t fit anything boxy (please note most things come in boxes)is a car thats shaped like a potato. sorry potatoes are boxier.

sry. but i think i’ll stick with my 91 corolla station wagon. it is at least properly versatile.

SRy honda that i have to do this to ya but you no longer have CRX or Desol or S2000 or Prelude or Accord S-Wagon or the amazing Tall funny looking (in a goodway) Civic wagon.

Looks like an egg from that angle.

Will somebody from Honda please explain how this is a different market than just making a darn Accord Wagon??

Your research department must be TERRIBLY underfunded, or unmotivated. This thing is a bust. Kill it while you can.

Oh no! More photos!? I didn’t hear anybody asking for more pics of this whale! I’m sorry, but that fascia just screams “look I have obnoxious Aztek style but all I can afford is this lousy poser of an on-roader” and the rear en…d screams “look my car has a fat ass that could have been much nicer had it been an accord wagon!” All we wanted was a wagon!!! Who was asking for a whale?????

Haven’t you always wanted a vehicle with the puffy rear end of an Elantra GT on steroids, the obesely blunt nose of a Pontiac Aztek with an obnoxious Ford grille, and the size and personality of a gas-guzzling SUV with 0% of the coolness and off…road capability? If you like ugly jet-puffed butts, want soccer-mom popularity, and crave bucket-of-vomit style sense, the Crosstour is for you!

Is this the new Buick?

Looks like a dog is taking a dump…Venza’s styling has much more coherence…and dignity.

New pictures prove to be more horrible than the first.

it does kinda look like it pooped its diaper, haha

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Great analysis on the role of Facebook in this fiasco from The Truth About Cars.

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