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1975 Volvo 242 barely stays on the road

Here’s some serious hoonage for your Monday. The guy driving this 540 hp turbo 242 has to struggle to keep it on the road every time he hits the gas. Maybe he should just keep it on the track?


Salty Brick

The car above was “just visiting” and not attempting to race the Bonneville Salt Flats at 200+mph. Still looks cool tho.

A tip from a reader sent me to the site of “Stealth” and his “Streak“, a 1984 242ti. Lots of useful info and photos of RWD turbo projects.


Incomplete Pass by 242

Note to self: when passing in a race, try to avoid the telephone poles.


242 Drifts

IPD released its February Rear Wheel Drive newsletter and they feature a sweet 242 “drift car” from Rob Prince.

I upped the boost to 25psi at SE 6.0 in the fall of 2007, and dynoed 280whp and 305 wtq, in a dyno room that was 114 degrees F!!! It felt much faster, of course, but I had to wait for cooler weather back home to find out what it could really do. On 255 width street tires, I ran a 12.5 @ 116 in the quarter mile. Once I installed a set of Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks, that dropped to a 11.8 @ 114 mph! It was so much fun to drive at that point, and kind of hairy to drive on the street.

I bet.