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Honda Commercial Explores Tiny Engineering

As a die cast car collector of many years as well as an occasional stop motion animator, I found this ad for Honda in the UK to be a total delight. Flipping and folding, twisting and revving, an engineer pulls together a wide variety of Honda products. Motorcycles morph into mini vans and robots become jets. Impressive.


Your Dream Car, circa 1949

The grandiosity of the narration in this video is hilarious. It’s a 10 minute film documenting the design and testing of 1949 Fords. It’s no ordinary car. It’s “Designed From the Inside Out”:

Here is the idea, a motorcar, conceived as a space for the riders, space that is to be enclosed and powered…

Yup, that’s a motorcar alright.

I love how @6:30 the cars get handed to the marketing guys and angels in heaven sing their approval.


Brick as Political Billboard


Way back in 2008, Illinois entrepreneur and demolition derby driver Keith Gray launched a campaign for Illinois State Senate against Terry Link. Under the theme “Demolish Politicians” Gray drove his 1990 Volvo 240 DL station wagon in the Lake County Fair Demolition Derby in July of 2008.

From Team America’s 10th District Blog:

“I’ve raced in the derby seven times, but this year it’s different,” Gray said. “I’m in the middle of my campaign for state senate, and I saw an opportunity to utilize my derby racing tradition to spread the message that I’m not doing this as a career politician or to gain political clout. I’m a normal guy who is sick of being taken advantage of by the Illinois political machine.”



He placed 3rd after busting the steering system and losing the ability to turn. His chariot lived to race another day, however, as the block, tranny and chassis went relatively unscathed. As for Keith Gray’s dreams of the Illinois Senate? He was defeated by Terry Link, who is now running for the office of Lt. Governor of Illinois.

BONUS: Anyone care to interpret the text written on the windshield in this photo?