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Labor Day Car Wash

Living in the city there aren’t any opportunities to hand wash my car. I couldn’t even tell you where I’d be able to get to a water spigot. So I deal with the muck by going to overpriced, brushy car washes in Hoboken.

Luckily my daughters jumped at the chance to wash the brick while we were visiting my parents. I applied a little Scratch X to the hood to smooth out the paint before waxing. Claire managed to wash all the window glass, which is no small feat with a car that looks like a rolling greenhouse. Now we’re slick and Rain-Xed.


Billy Mays Cleans Your Boyfriend’s Brick

Apparently TV pitchman Billy Mays brought joy to people’s hearts all across America before passing away last week. I only knew of him from Jaboodydubs. But when I see him at :30 in the clip below, restoring the shine of your boyfriends dull, gray Volvo 240, I know he was a good man.


Time Lapse Red Brick Bath

The Bailey washes another 240 in Washington, this time an ’85 four door. Total transformation in less than a minute.


Time-Lapse White Wash

I just joined Vimeo and found this cool vid documenting a drive around Spokane Washington in a white ’88 245. It’s a nice, jerky time-lapse and shows two car washes over the span of about 1/2 hour. The first wash was touchless, so the second wash actually cleaned the car.

The Bailey’s “Fridge” looks pretty sweet. 5 speed manual, contemporary mags and clean white paint. Slick.