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If ipd won’t publish, then I will


I’m disappointed that I didn’t get chosen as a runner up for the ipd RWD photo contest. I’m sure they got plenty of submissions. I’ll try not to be bitter by saying that there’s some cool photos in there. I think next year I need to go for the pensive, looking off into the sunset style that won last years contest.


As for another contest I didn’t quite get accepted for, above is a partial header graphic I created for Volvolution community. I put together a mock evolution of the fronts of Swedish wagons. Enjoy.


Help Me Lower My Car

Click here to vote for my blog on the Volvolution site

FCP Groton started a new Volvo forum, Volvolution. To gain readership they created a contest to find the best blog post. I entered a couple of posts, including  “Where Do You Put Your Latte, You Freak“.

You’ll need to register with the site, which is a quick username and password setup. The prize is a $200 credit, which is just the price of the lowering springs I’m looking at. I promise to document and post the installation, so vote now!

UPDATE: Voting is over. I tied for second place. Thanks!