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Brick of Mass Destruction

Last summer I spotted this brick at the NJ state fairgrounds and met the owner, Joe. He was preparing for the evenings demolition derby. Turns out he’s at it again this year with a 240 sedan. He’ll be competing at the Sussex Co. Fairgrounds on Sunday, Aug 7 and Monday, Aug 8th, both nights from 7:30-9, but he’ll probably be around on Sunday getting ready. Good luck Joe!

Here’s his rundown of the event last year, plus a gallery of pics:

This 240 wagon raced 3 times. 1st time disqualifed 4th place for an oil fire in the compact class, 2nd time disqualifed 4th place for a slight gas leak in the compact class and on the final race i raced the car among the six cylinder class of cars (intepids, luminas, bonnevilles, montecarlos, etc) and destroyed them getting a second place only due to an electrical short.


C4C Destroys Demolition Derbies

From the Daily Show, more unfortunate consequences of the Cash for Clunkers Program.

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Save the Clunkers!

More from Time Magazine:

There’s at least one group of people who are happy Cash for Clunkers is over: demolition-derby drivers. Participants in these events, in which drivers smash into one another until there’s only one engine left running, don’t enjoy the sight of old cars going out of commission without making a pit stop at the county fairground. “Obama is an anti-demo-derby guy,” says Tory Schutte, head of the Demolition Derby Drivers Association. “He’s targeting the cars we’ve been using.”