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Nomadic Invasion

Just got back from Raceway Park drag strip in Englishtown, NJ. They had their annual Nostalgia Old Time Drags and were filled with classic autos and funny cars. I was pleasantly surprised to see some station wagons, mostly Chevy Nomads. I don’t remember what the car above was, but it had a little remote control inside to lower it to the ground. Below are pics of some of the show cars, plus a couple Nomads getting ready for the 1/4 mile.


Wheel Standing Wagon

I’m headed to the drag races at Raceway Park in NJ today. Don’t know if I’ll see any wagons like this nutty ride, but I can hope.


Karnkluay Krazay

I suppose having the “fastest Volvo in Thailand” is an important feat but if you’re pulling mid-8 second quarter-mile runs I imagine it would place you as one of the fastest Volvos in the world.

Karnkluay is a highly modified 244 built with the Volvo Club of Thailand. The name “Karnkluay” seems to come from the animated baby elephant “Kharn Kluay”, who wanders away from his mother to become a war elephant for his king. Nice.

What amazes me about this video isn’t the eerie sound coming from the engine bay (is that a turbo spooling?) or the odd headlight covers. No, what’s most disturbing is the crowd of onlookers closely packed around this screaming ride that’s about to pull an 10 second quarter mile run. How old is that kid at :40? Two? Yikes.

Here’s a compilation of Karnkluay’s mid-8 second runs. Note the crew putting all their weight on the rear deck to help with the burnouts. Their clothes must have been coated with rubber after these 3 runs:


What’s the Differential?

I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching car accident footage on YouTube. This one is SFW though, and even the driver thinks it’s funny… if expensive. Too much torque and a few loose bolts and you too could lose the wheels off your bitchin’ Camaro.


242 Drifts

IPD released its February Rear Wheel Drive newsletter and they feature a sweet 242 “drift car” from Rob Prince.

I upped the boost to 25psi at SE 6.0 in the fall of 2007, and dynoed 280whp and 305 wtq, in a dyno room that was 114 degrees F!!! It felt much faster, of course, but I had to wait for cooler weather back home to find out what it could really do. On 255 width street tires, I ran a 12.5 @ 116 in the quarter mile. Once I installed a set of Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks, that dropped to a 11.8 @ 114 mph! It was so much fun to drive at that point, and kind of hairy to drive on the street.

I bet.