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Keeping a '92 Volvo 240 Wagon on the Road & Other Automotive & DIY Musings

Watercolor Brick

Here’s a cool drawing of the back end of a Volvo 240 wagon by Florian Afflerbach. I’ve posted drawings by Florian before and you can see many more of his car and architectural drawings on his Flickr site.

Did I mention I post many of my own drawings on Flickr? Well, I do.


Out of gas in Potomac, Maryland

Out of gas in Potomac, MarylandThursday I drove the brick from Hoboken, NJ to Springfield, VA. My tank ran dry on the Capital Beltway and I had to pull off in Potomac, MD. I’d gone exactly 300 miles since the last fill up and I hadn’t been paying attention to my mileage. Since my fuel gauge doesn’t work I rely on the trip odometer and usually fill the tank at 200 miles.

There weren’t any gas stations off the exit and I sputtered over the hills of River Road looking for precious fuel. I eventually stalled and called AAA for a couple gallons. I drew this picture while waiting, painting it in watercolor later in the studio.


Black Brick on Blocks

I’m in the middle of launching a new blog about drawing and won’t be posting much on this site right now. My car is running great and luckily the only issues I have is with the pigeons in the neighborhood sitting on telephone wires above my car. I’m planning an interactive toy based on my car called “The Black Brick Experience” and hope to launch in the fall.

I post t-shirts as “Stripped Nuts” on Zazzle. I’m always drawing and post my images, like the truck above, on Flickr and I recently updated my portfolio at jayboucher.com.


Riding at a 45° Angle Was Never This Much Fun

Sweet airbrush work on this ad from 1980. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a performance image from that era that included a driver wearing a seat belt. Click image for full ad.

Via productioncars.com.


Wagonized’s Wicked Watercolors

This Flickr stream by “Wagonized” features some great ink and watercolor drawings of older cars, including a bunch of 240s and Amazons.


Worst 240 Illustration

volvo-240-ill-That is one long, flat hood. And what is up with those tires? Chains? Or just bad reflections?

Click here for full ad.

Via Volvo Rider


Vote for My T-Shirt

cashclunkers_van_185x185After spending the morning finalizing my design for a “Save the Clunkers” t-shirt, it turns out the C4C program will end Monday. Let’s hope the government’s servers can handle the last-minute rush from people who were on the fence about trading in their old Mercury Marauders for Honda Fits.

Please give me a vote of “6” at the 6 dollar t-shirts site. If I get enough votes you’ll be able to buy the shirt for… $6.

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