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Volvo on Fire in Michigan

This sweet white 240 caught fire this week in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A passerby alerted the driver that her car was on fire and she was able to get away safely.

Acting Ann Arbor fire Battalion Chief Derek Wiseley said the fire likely started in the engine compartment underneath the car.

“It appears to be mechanical,” he said.

Photo by Norman Tyler


Kentucky Fried Magnum

Technically this wagon was found in Alabama, but it sure looks fried extra crispy.

Via Seen on the Street


Blown Up Brick

scrubs-volvo-240On the TV show Scrubs, Zack Braff’s character J.D.¬† owned a brick that blew up in the first episode of the fourth season.

70gtoblI had a friend whose 1970 Pontiac GTO blew up in front of his apartment. We were hanging out in his place when one of his neighbors stopped by and said “Dude, your cars on fire.” We ran out the door and saw the goat spitting flames from both edges of the hood. My buddy¬† had worked on his carburetor earlier in the day and there must have been a leak somewhere in the fuel line.

When the fire department got there they immediately tried to puncture the radiator, because the heat from the fire could cause it to explode. They swung an axe into the nose of the car over and over again until radiator fluid gushed to the ground. They sprayed the car w/ foam and let it smolder. All we could do was sit on the curb and watch the tires pop from the heat. The car was totaled.