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Volvo 240 vs New York Auto Show

vs-championMy latest post for FCP Euro has me pitting my black brick against all the cars at the latest New York International Auto Show. You won’t believe who won!


“Smitty” sells Flex in Queens

smittyNo, Smitty isn’t flashing the Volvo “V” sign. He’s ordering 2 Ford Flexes from Queens Boulevard Fordlincolnmercury. Amusing ad.


Fat Ford Flex

In seeing some early prototypes of the Ford Flex I thought it looked goofy. But when it was put into production and out on the streets I thought it could be a cool alternative to SUVs. It’s not quite a station wagon, but not a giant monster truck. It’s stylish and boxy, has tons of cargo room without having a super-high center of gravity. Pretty cool.

ford flex in times square

The NY Times wrote a favorable review but after looking at the specs I was turned off. This oversized Scion xB weighs in at 4,400-4,600 lbs and is (under)powered by a 262hp, 3.5 liter V6.

The base model is front-wheel drive. Hasn’t Ford learned anything from the success of the Chrysler 300/ Dodge Charger? Build some cool RWD cars! Gas mileage for the 4WD version is 16city/22hwy. Embarrassing for a V6.

Oh, Flex, I had high hopes. But I should have figured Ford wouldn’t be able to build a wagon that wasn’t overweight and guzzled gas. It must be hard to break from the institutional addiction to SUVs. Good effort though.


Fugly Ford Flex

ford-wood-1.jpg Looks like Ford’s prototyping department is pulling a joke on auto spy photographers. Click image to see the wood paneling in all its awful glory. From LeftLaneNews