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Keeping a '92 Volvo 240 Wagon on the Road & Other Automotive & DIY Musings

1975 Volvo 242 barely stays on the road

Here’s some serious hoonage for your Monday. The guy driving this 540 hp turbo 242 has to struggle to keep it on the road every time he hits the gas. Maybe he should just keep it on the track?


Can’t Kill It

A brick lover has to be careful when searching YouTube with the term “Volvo 240”. It seems like half the videos involve groups of teenage boys hooning their car into the ground… or off the ground, flying through the air to the music of Rammstein.

The rollover at 5:35 is pretty bad ass. None of the glass broke. Keep watching to see in slo-mo.


Flippin’ Brick

Guess this is what they do for fun in Norway.


Slo-Mo 240 burnout

Not sure what this Swedish Volvo ad is actually for. Maybe it’s for tires?

In high school I was in the “burnout” clique. But it wasn’t because of the rubber burned in my buddy’s 1974 Olds Cutlass; although that was fun too.


How I spent my summer vacation

Moms and Dads, this is what your kids are doing with your old family truckster, now that they’re all grown up and traded their soccer cleats for car keys. And you wonder why the tires need to be replaced every 10,000 miles.


Great Jumping Bricks

Tons of Volvo hoonage on YouTube. I think this is what young dudes in Sweden do for fun. Most are 240s, but I threw in a couple 740s. All of them drive away.

1hoon 2hoon 3hoon 4thm_hoon5.jpg


Half an Audi

audi FWDClever dudes leave the 7-11 in their 2 wheel Audi POS. Wonder if it was originally a Quatro?