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Hooking up in a Volvo 245

I’ll never forget the sharp rapping on the window of my girlfriend’s car as we sat parked near a lake one summer night in 1988. The windows were so steamed up we couldn’t figure out what was going on. The blinding light of a police officer’s flashlight soon let us know we were busted. We scrambled back into our clothes and struggled to maneuver around the cramped interior of her two-door Mustang II. Yes, coupes are fun to drive but they can be a challenge when two people try doing something other than cruising.

Jalopnik has elected the Volvo 240 wagon as the “Best Car to Have Sex In” and, based on my limited experience with a 1982 Toyota Corolla and that 1976 Mustang II, I have to agree. That is, so long as the rear seats are folded down. Tinted windows help too.


Go the Distance

The Volvo 240 wagon ranks 5th in Jalopnik’s Ten Best Cars for Driving Insane Distances. Yes, it does.


Quick to be slow

Earlier this month Jalopnik took reader suggestions for the “Top Slow Cars to Drive Fast“. Our beloved bricks came in 5th. Quote from a Jalopnik reader:

You haven’t lived until you’ve gotten one of these sideways, steering by looking out the side windows as you listen to the rev limiter have an epileptic seizure and the only thing you can smell is tire smoke as your mind reels at the insanity of it all… At 14mph.


Jalopnik Hearts Bricks


In their Question of the Day “What Car Makes you Feel Safe?” Jalopnik shows the love for the 240:

For an almost 25-year-old wagon it’s quite nimble and we feel maneuverability is just as important as anything else because you’re best advantage in a possible crash is avoiding it.


Ladies, use a 240 to pickup dudes?

Jalopnik has a Comment of the Day that seems to defy common sense:

This car didn’t stop me from ‘snagging’ a man… Volvo 240 will get you laid faster than any of the cars listed above… I hope it’s useful to Jalops of both genders and all orientations. Go buy an old Volvo.

Your mileage may vary.