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Keeping a '92 Volvo 240 Wagon on the Road & Other Automotive & DIY Musings

Now That’s a Serious Boot

“Some Rides” just defy common sense. Although I’d wager this stretched Outback (AWD?) would be doing pretty well this winter.

On second thought, are those white walls?

Via You Drive What?



These were drawings done while I was bored with something else. I was probably daydreaming about some exhaust repairs.

I have a few sets of drawings on flickr, but not many of the brick. Much more interested in nudes!


Kludge Wagon


I saw a Subaru Baja with a cap on the back yesterday and thought THAT was crazy. But this thing is sheer genius.

Via: There, I Fixed It


Vinyl Topped Wagon


Don’t have enough room in the trunk of your crusty Impala? Time for a slick conversion. American ingenuity at its finest.

Via thereifixedit.com


Cars and Kludge


Some new sites I’ve added to the sidebar. Tons of crap cars and jerry rigs.

That Will Buff Out

You Drive What?

There, I Fixed It

Image from thatwillbuffout.com