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Which wheel is not like the other?

It’s been over 2 years since I painted my Virgo 15″ front rims but I never did the rear. The difference between the new paint and the old rim isn’t really noticeable to the untrained eye.

In the image above I rotated the side wheels, so the clean one is on the rear. I thought of trying a 2-tone paint job but now I’m not so sure. I think it might be cool to go with a neutral gray color, non-metallic, and then use a super glossy clear coat. Similar to the beautiful Aviator Gray for the Audi TT. Considering my budget, I may just go with a primer and clear coat.


Gunmetal Virgos?


I’m going to be painting other 2 rims and was playing with the idea of going gunmetal black for the spokes of the rim. I usually don’t like painted Virgos, but after a few minutes in Photoshop I think this doesn’t look too bad.


Painting the Virgos

I’m heading down to VA and plan to put the brick on jacks and paint the front wheels. I found a great thread on Turbobricks about repairing Virgos. Looks like I’ve got some reading to do.

Image from Crazychopstick on Turbobricks.


Custom Conversion Vans of the 70’s


I used to go to hot rod shows with my dad back in the late 70’s/ early 80’s and they were usually jam packed with custom conversion vans. Tons of candy apple paint, air-brushed illustrations of vikings and evil polar bears and lots of furry dashboards. Most of them had beds in the back, including one with a waterbed and a huge fish tank.

The Selvedge yard has compiled a slew of pictures of the craze in all it’s metal-flake glory.


Art Cars

I’d wager that there are more Volvo 240 “Art Cars” than any other, with the obvious exception of VW Beetles. But BMW boasts the highest caliber of artists painting on factory fresh vehicles.

Grand Central Terminal recently had a display of the Absolut-Vodka-like series of painted Beemers from the 70’s until now, including the 320i pictured above, painted by my hero, the late Roy Lichtenstein.

You can see all the cars, and check out the huge painting created by Robin Rhode driving a Z4 through paint and over a 100×200 foot canvas.

Via Streetlevel