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Those Crazy Volvo Drivers

enhanced-26640-1399922577-12Buzzfeed has a list of 50 Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use and at number 32 we have this puppy lumberjack leaning against his trusty brick. Click to see the image an its full, watermarked glory.


Cliff Brick

Via poepoephoto


If ipd won’t publish, then I will


I’m disappointed that I didn’t get chosen as a runner up for the ipd RWD photo contest. I’m sure they got plenty of submissions. I’ll try not to be bitter by saying that there’s some cool photos in there. I think next year I need to go for the pensive, looking off into the sunset style that won last years contest.


As for another contest I didn’t quite get accepted for, above is a partial header graphic I created for Volvolution community. I put together a mock evolution of the fronts of Swedish wagons. Enjoy.