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Buy a Volvo Wagon for Your Wife

Pity the poor 70’s Stepford wives. Their husbands run off in cute little MGBs while they’re stuck lugging the kids and groceries in gigantic Detroit wagons. Where’s Fresh Direct when we need it?


The Dodge Charger War of the Sexes

Hot off the heels of the ridiculous Dodge Charger Super Bowl ad, which depicts heterosexual relationships as a torturous, emasculating hell that can only be relieved by the loud burning of massive quantities of gasoline, comes this parody, depicting the oppressed women who have to deal with their poor Moparians:

“I will listen to Rush and tell you, yes, if there were a gold metal for air-drumming, you would win it.” Nice.

Via The Sexist


Men are from Mars, Wagons are for Women

A vintage ad from 1971 for the Chevy Vega Kammback, featuring an actress I forgot I remembered, Electric Company’s Judy Graubert.

“Kammback?” Couldn’t GM just call it “Combi?”


Sexist Volvo Ad?

thm_ad_sexist.jpgFeministing posted a vintage Volvo ad from the 60’s that would never fly today. First, because it treats the woman in the ad as an inept, incompetent shrew. Second, because plenty of women buy cars themselves and the ad’s target audience seems to be guys who need help in convincing their non-driving wives of the wisdom of their decisions. The narrator says:

If your wife won’t let you buy a Volvo (what, is she your mother?), let her drive one. That’ll really do the job. Once she gets the feel of it, she might like knowing you’re getting a car that, in most cases, lasts long enough to get people out of car payments, and into new furniture payments, or swimming pool payments, or fur coat payments.

All the while this dude’s wife is bumping and jostling down the road, trying to drive a manual, or riding in reverse in the automatic. Get it? Women can’t drive! Ha!I

Is it just me or does that dude look old enough to be her dad?

thm_ad_target.jpgSarah Haskins on Current TV shows that things aren’t that much better now when she deconstructs the loving carress of a Volvo S80.