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Uncool to Whom?

In a listicle entitled “So Uncool They’re Now Cool: Top 5 cars for Hipsters”, the online publication Digital Trends makes the amazing discovery that people who have no money enjoy the Volvo 240 because it lasts a long time:

Delightfully for hipsters, the Volvo 240 has also proven not only to be safe and fuel-efficient but also one of the most reliable cars ever built. Meaning, as it degrades on the inside and out, it can remain in tip-top running condition without any major financial investment. After all, a true hipster hasn’t any money anyhow.

Ugh. Should I now stroke my beard and feel smug?


Fred’s Brick in “Hop”

Until yesterday I was blissfully unaware of the film “Hop”. Now it looks like I may have to bring my kids to this Easter movie tomorrow afternoon. In checking out the trailer I see we have another movie brick.

Here we have the standard movie trope of the down-on-his-luck character driving a beater brick. Fred, played by James Marsden, is an “out-of-work slacker” who drives his 240 wagon into a rabbit. Not a VW Rabbit, but E.B., son of the Easter bunny, who proceeds to drop turds on the hood of Fred’s brick. But those are no ordinary turds; they’re jelly beans. Does Meguiar’s have anything for that?

Either Fred owns two cars or he swapped his head restraints between scenes. How else to explain the black interior in the publicity still with the beige interior from the frame grab. I’m sure it’s just a Movie Mistake, but I wonder if the prop peeps needed 2 cars because they destroyed one in a colossal stunt. Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to see the movie to find out.