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How Many Thin Mints Fit Into a Volvo 245?

I shot these pictures when taking delivery of Girl Scout Cookies last year. Ours was one of 5-6 cars picking up for our troop; my daughters did not sell all of these cookies.



Is that a Wagon… or a Hatchback?

I sat behind one of these Honda Crossturds this weekend and was just mystified at the design decisions made in the construction of this abomination. How can you see out of a rear window that is practically parallel to the ground? How are you supposed to be able to get a stack of boxes from Ikea under that sloped roof?

Jalopnik has a couple posts exploring the etymology behind the term “station wagon” (hint: what would you need to take a stack of boxy luggage to the local train depot?) and clarify the difference between “wagon” and “hatchback”.

LINK: Why is it called a “Station Wagon”?
LINK: What makes a Wagon a Wagon?


WSJ Hearts Station Wagons

The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Welsh drives the Caddy CTS-V wagon and looks back fondly on the days when iron ships cruised the streets:

Let’s be honest: The big, V8-powered Oldsmobile Vista Cruisers, Ford Country Squires and Dodge Polara wagons of the 1960s and 1970s were rolling works of art compared with the look-alike “crossovers” that have replaced them on the elementary school drop-off line and on long family road trips.


Layin’ Low

brandtThis is a typical scene outside schools my kids go to: a row of shiny new SUV/CRVs with  massive ground clearance, and my bird-shit covered brick laying low on stiff springs that make the kids puke.


You Can Ride in the Trunk

I’ve been doing road trips to camps all summer. This week is gymnastics in Paramus, so I’ve been piling 5 girls into the brick for the 25 mile trip. The 3rd seat is nice in that it doesn’t require a booster seat; the belt is low enough that it fits 5 and 6 year olds. When I tell the kids they’re going to have to ride in the trunk they laugh and laugh.

Claire is thrilled to sit in the front passenger seat, but the Jonas Brothers are never loud enough. Sigh. Is it too much to wish to have my daughters grow up to be Mastodon fans?


Wired Wants Your Wagon


Wired magazine’s Autotopia blog claims there’s a “wagon renaissance” and lists the 12 wagons they love. The Volvo 240 Turbo makes the cut, along with a slew of other European hatches.


Vinyl Topped Wagon


Don’t have enough room in the trunk of your crusty Impala? Time for a slick conversion. American ingenuity at its finest.



Aston Martin Station Wagon


Run, don’t walk, to Eberhard Thiesen Automobile Raritaten to pickup the sweet Roos Engineering Aston Martin Lagonda shooting break conversion. It’s a steal at only $270k. Sure, it ain’t a DB9, but with all that room in the boot you’ll be able to carry plenty of cases of Busch Light from Costco, and do it in style. Act now, supplies are limited to… one.

via Daddytypes


Station Wagon as Rocket Blast

In the wet dream of Bob Lutz, the 2010 Cadillacs are a multi-stage rocket blasting across the salt flats under the watchful eye of the NASAesque GM launch team. The new CTS Sportwagon bursts forth as the first stage in a cycle that ends with a new coupe.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had the please to read Chuck Closterman’s “Eating the Dinosaur“. In it he talks of how, as a culture, we’ve come to accept the lies that the advertising media presents us, and the fact that we don’t take things literally. The media business knows this, and presents products to us with the knowledge that we don’t take them seriously. Advertisers moved from presenting their clients products factually to evoking an impression to the subconscious of how a consumer will feel when they buy their product. We’re at a point now where we know it’s all lies, so advertisers can just present any hyperbolic scenario and know that we won’t think they’re presenting truth; it’s just stuff that looks cool blowing up! Therefore, we get a 264hp V6 station wagon being compared to a rocket burning hundreds of gallons of fuel each second to achieve earth orbit.

BONUS: The first few seconds of this Cadillac ad show a woman grinning as she drives a new SRX. I was pleasantly surprised to recognize Paula Merritt, a woman I knew briefly a couple years ago through a friend in Brooklyn. She used to play drums for Grandma’s Boy (now Bad Girlfriend) before moving to LA to further her modeling career. Looks like she’s doing well. Way to go Paula!


Wagon Sweetness from Down Under


This Pontiac Holden Clubsport has a Corvette V8 engine with 425 hp and 405 ft/lb of torque. Too bad this GM isn’t available in the states.