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Volvo Redblock Tortoise T-Shirt Now Available

redblock-volvo-tortoiseAs part of my inaugural post on FCP Euro I created an illustration of the legendary Volvo B230 engine as an aged tortoise.

That image is now available on a range of T-shirts on my Zazzle store and will soon be joined by other gift items, like mugs and pillows. Buy one now!


Redblock Tortoise Mugs, Trucker Hats

I’ve updated my Zazzle store with new items and a new design for my Redblock Tortoise t-shirt. Now you can get the illustration on mugs, stickers and even a trucker hat. Wear them with pride!


Now Posting on FCP Euro

redblock-tortoise-300wI’m excited to announce that I’ll be posting how-tos and Volvo musings on the FCP Euro blog. I’ve been buying parts from FCP since I bought my brick in 2006 and am grateful for the chance to share bits of automotive wisdom and misinformation! I plan to post there once a week and will be creating illustrations and diagrams to accompany the text.

For my first post I wrote a general overview of Volvo redblocks and their reputation for slow reliability, “The Volvo Redblock: Aging Tortoise of the Automotive World“. For the illustration I rendered the B230 engine block as a steady, reliable tortoise.