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Good Luck Driving Your Brick into the Ground

The NY Times is finally understanding the concept of high mileage in a consumer car. When the recession hit in 2009 the Times ran a few articles documenting how consumers were coping with their economic struggles by keeping their cars longer. Pity the poor family who needed to keep their 8 year old V70 instead of trading it in for a new car. Have mercy on the woman who is roughing it in her BMW with over 25k miles and going out of warranty.

Today the Times documents the trend of drivers keeping their cars past the 100k mile mark. The article feature photos of a clean and mean 1990 Volvo 745 with over 300k. Citing technological changes in piston rings, catalytic converters and rust proofing, engineers explain how recent cars can be expected to last much longer than vehicles from previous generations. And if you take proper care of it your car may even outlast you.


The 740 Clown Car


“Carousel” is a video created by Stink Digital for Tribal DDB to showcase Philips new 21:9 ratio television. It’s a bullet-time tour de force; the viewer gets a panoramic view of a single moment of a wild crime scene featuring clowns, a hospital… and a wrecked Volvo 740. From all the cops surrounding the car and the clown being pulled from the wreckage we can assume the black brick was the clowns’ getaway car. Doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere now though.

See the interactive video at Philips site.

See the lower quality version on YouTube.

See the bastardized 50Cent music video version.