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1980 Volvo Concept Car


Apparently a hatch rear window was an idea for Volvos back in 1980. More images here.


Mustang Brick

It’s the 50th anniversary of the debut of the Ford Mustang so it’s the perfect day for a Volvo post, right? How could I possibly relate the sporty American icon to Swedish iron? Well, look at the picture above. Does that roof line look familiar?

Ford didn’t manufacture a Mustang station wagon so MJC Classic Cars made one by fusing a 1966 mustang body with a roof and hatch from a Volvo 240DL. Hitch it all up to a 518 cubic inch mill and getting your Söderhamn sofa home from Ikea will happen in about 11.3 seconds.


Volvo Concept Estate


Volvo released video and images of their Estate concept car, a two-door wagon inspired by the 1800 of old. So I suppose the Volvo wagon isn’t dead after all? We’ll see if it makes it to production.


Slow, Heavy, Practical, Timeless

A reader in Nashville wrote an epic post about the Volvo 240 and the role it’s had in his life. Here’s a choice quote:

What exactly does the Volvo 240 project, though? Does it mean I had middle class, safety conscious parents with liberal arts degrees? That I’m a vegan with a beard and tattoos and live in Brooklyn? Maybe it just means I’m a cheap bastard and like old, slow, heavy tank-like bricks that are built to last?


Hooking up in a Volvo 245

I’ll never forget the sharp rapping on the window of my girlfriend’s car as we sat parked near a lake one summer night in 1988. The windows were so steamed up we couldn’t figure out what was going on. The blinding light of a police officer’s flashlight soon let us know we were busted. We scrambled back into our clothes and struggled to maneuver around the cramped interior of her two-door Mustang II. Yes, coupes are fun to drive but they can be a challenge when two people try doing something other than cruising.

Jalopnik has elected the Volvo 240 wagon as the “Best Car to Have Sex In” and, based on my limited experience with a 1982 Toyota Corolla and that 1976 Mustang II, I have to agree. That is, so long as the rear seats are folded down. Tinted windows help too.


Farah Goes Bang


I think film schools across the country have taught students that if you’re going to make a movie about a road trip then you have to cast a Volvo 240 in the lead role. Once again we have an indie film featuring a group of liberal 20 year olds riding in a classic brick.

The film Farah Goes Bang is the story of a group of women who travel around America campaigning for John Kerry. Like all good Democrats they do so from the comfort of the classic Swedish wagon. Many great shots in the film trailer below.


Turn Me On, Dammit!

Turn Me On, Dammit! is a coming of age film set in Skoddeheimen, Norway. The teens in the film wait outside a store to score some beer and are luck enough to have a dude in a light blue Volvo 245 pull up and buy it for them. Later in the film the same brick gives a ride to the lead character, Alma, in her quest to find peace of mind in Oslo.


Volvo 240 Wagon Burns Out

Is that tire smoke… or burning oil?


Nomadic Invasion

Just got back from Raceway Park drag strip in Englishtown, NJ. They had their annual Nostalgia Old Time Drags and were filled with classic autos and funny cars. I was pleasantly surprised to see some station wagons, mostly Chevy Nomads. I don’t remember what the car above was, but it had a little remote control inside to lower it to the ground. Below are pics of some of the show cars, plus a couple Nomads getting ready for the 1/4 mile.


Sofa King Spacious

When a friend called with a freecycle couch I jumped at it. Perfect for my newly expanded studio. No need to rent a truck. The 6 foot sectional piece fit right in the back, without having to remove the legs. No problem closing the tail gate. Speedy delivery!