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Which wheel is not like the other?

It’s been over 2 years since I painted my Virgo 15″ front rims but I never did the rear. The difference between the new paint and the old rim isn’t really noticeable to the untrained eye.

In the image above I rotated the side wheels, so the clean one is on the rear. I thought of trying a 2-tone paint job but now I’m not so sure. I think it might be cool to go with a neutral gray color, non-metallic, and then use a super glossy clear coat. Similar to the beautiful Aviator Gray for the Audi TT. Considering my budget, I may just go with a primer and clear coat.


The M3 down the block is resting on a rock

Riding my bike into the studio this Sunday morning I noticed a BMW M3 slouching at the curb. What I thought was a flat tire turned out to be no tires at all. Looks like someone pulled the rims from all 4 paws, leaving the beemer teetering on a block of wood, a cubic rock and one poor rotor. The lug nuts sat conveniently next to each empty wheel well.


Gunmetal Virgos?


I’m going to be painting other 2 rims and was playing with the idea of going gunmetal black for the spokes of the rim. I usually don’t like painted Virgos, but after a few minutes in Photoshop I think this doesn’t look too bad.