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Bent Honda

Saw this wile driving in front of Neuman Leather in Hoboken. Oops.


Homecoming Halloween Horror

volvo-crash-240When the story begins “I was only 15 at the time so of course i wasn’t legal to drive, but i drove anyways” you know it’s not going to end well. From car-accidents.com comes the story of an out-of-control 1989 240, flipping, rolling and sliding on its roof. As usual, the driver lived to see another day.


T-Boning Brick

Before the V8olvo rolled over, it slammed into a spinning TR7:


50 years of crash test dummies

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety celebrated their 50th anniversary by playing chicken with a 1959 and a 2009 Chevrolet. Neither car blinked and now they’re dead. If I had a choice, I’d go with the 2009 Malibu… and my life.

This is the extended footage, which includes scary interior footage from the Bel Air.


The 740 Clown Car


“Carousel” is a video created by Stink Digital for Tribal DDB to showcase Philips new 21:9 ratio television. It’s a bullet-time tour de force; the viewer gets a panoramic view of a single moment of a wild crime scene featuring clowns, a hospital… and a wrecked Volvo 740. From all the cops surrounding the car and the clown being pulled from the wreckage we can assume the black brick was the clowns’ getaway car. Doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere now though.

See the interactive video at Philips site.

See the lower quality version on YouTube.

See the bastardized 50Cent music video version.


Half an Audi

audi FWDClever dudes leave the 7-11 in their 2 wheel Audi POS. Wonder if it was originally a Quatro?


The Best Car to Die In?

deathThe Jalopnik blog rated the Volvo 240 as the 5th best car to die in because it’d be so damn hard to.

…if you manage to die in one of these — the automotive answer to “Why don’t they just make the whole airplane the same way they make the black box?” — you’re really trying. We believe effort should count for something in today’s shoddy, lackadaisical world.

Sweet black brick they have for an image.