dash tach

I figured I’d take my mind off the fact that I may not have a job in a few weeks and finally install the tach I pulled from a 244 in a VA junkyard this summer. While I love the big clock in the Volvo instrument panel, I’d also like to see what’s going on with the engine. Unfortunately I now have no clock, no tach, no odometer and no speedometer.

After consulting Dave Barton’s tach install post I realized I’d forgotten to pull the wiring harness that attaches the small clock to the tach from the junked brick. It’s obviously necessary to run the clock, but I think it might also close the electrical circuit for the tach.


Using a 27mm deep socket wrench I pulled the steering wheel off and pulled out the instrument panel. This gave me a chance to also fix the broken trip odometer. Good thing, because the gas gauge doesn’t work and it’s crucial to know how many miles I’ve gone since the last fill up. Once I’m over 250 miles it puts me in risk of being stranded on the side of the road, with crying children and a sighing wife.

I used some compressed air to clean everything, then installed the tach. Somehow there were two prongs sticking out the back, instead of the one I’d seen in the how-to. To connect to left or right? I chose left. I plugged everything else in, mounted the panel, hooked up the battery, and now not only do I not have a clock, or a tach, but the speedometer and odometer don’t work. What a disaster. Looks like I’ll need to dig in again soon.

UPDATE: Fixed!

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