I installed anti-sway bars with my buddy Andy last summer and they ride nice, but aren’t as dramatic a change as I expected.

More details and pics after the jump.

volvo 240 ipd anti-swaybarsYou can see the dramatic difference in diameter between the old and new sway bars. Beefier bars mean less body roll and more responsive steering.

volvo 240 ipd anti-swaybarsThe new bars come with poly bushings and new hardware.

sway_exhaust.jpgThe exhaust flows under the rear bar.

Installation would have been better if we had secured the differential before pulling the old rear sway bar bolts out. The car was on a lift and we practically dropped the rear axle down to the ground. Luckily we caught it and supported it.

I don’t feel a huge difference in the way it drives. I don’t know if it’s because I had gotten new shocks a year ago and the bars weren’t as dramatic a change. For me the biggest difference in handling happened when I got Boge turbo gas struts. My brick used to dive into exit ramps and understeer like crazy. The old struts were toast and the new ones made a huge difference. The new anti-sways are like icing on the cake, but didn’t make as big a difference as I expected.

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